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American type box former

Ref: 1011

Model: F 2000
Year: 2003
Condition: Very good

Automatic fundraiser of American type boxes, for lots with the same format.
To be coupled with a lower sealing machine (with self-adhesive tape or glue). The machine is suitable for working with box-packed robots.

Basic Features:

- Perfect box formation
- Speed ​​when working
- Flexibility to adapt to different applications
- It is easy to regulate
- It's easy to use
- Minimum measures
- Minimum maintenance
The structure of the machine is made of sheet steel, welded and painted.
Electropneumatic drives.
Operation management, with electronic logic and specific microprocessor, with programmable EPROM.
Digital display for monitoring.
Protective guards: hinged mobile panels with safety microswitches.
Formats of the boxes to be made L from 220 to 600 mm W from 100 to 500 mm H from 150 to 750 mm (with raised fin raised)
Three-phase power supply, 400 V / 50 Hz, 1 kW
Operating temperature max + 35 ° C min + 5 ° C
Measures in plant 2100 x 1600 mm
Weight 490 kg
Pneumatic supply 6 bar, 13 nl per cycle
Degree of electrical protection IP 54
Work surface height 650 +100 mm
Noise level max 78 db

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