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Ref: 892

Brand: Spirax sarco
Year: 2006
Condition: Very good

Equipment for clean and pure steam
Avoiding the risk of contamination through many industries has increased the need for quality in steam
clean, pure steam and water for injection (WFI). So that the products are suitable for these high systems
Purity must be designed and manufactured with the highest levels of quality to ensure that they meet the rising
needs of regulations for the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The extensive range of products of 'high
purity 'of Spirax Sarco covers everything from steam generation to distribution to the point of use.

The unit is supplied complete and ready to produce steam a once connected. All components subjected to pressure are designed and manufactured in accordance with the European Directive.

The generator container and all
the wet parts in contact with the generated clean steam and water
treated are constructed in 316L stainless steel.

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