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Capsuling machine for wine

Ref: 1213

Brand: Nortan
Model: prisma 8+8TR
Speed: 10.000 pcs/h
Format: Bottle height 235-360mm / bottle diameter 50-115mm
Year: 2008
Dimensions:L: 3000mm / W: 1590mm / H: 1590mm (English)
Condition: Really good

Capping unit for wine and sparkling wine bottles, 8+8 rullante + termico, meaning it applies rolling and thermal caps, including an automatic distributor of all types of capsules (PVC, multirolled and sparkling), gear motor with inventer, universal screw to fit various sizes of cylindrical and conical bottles, PLC, photocell to determinate the speed depending on the arrival flow at the machine, anti-clogging cell at output.

The machine has a complete stainless steel construction.

- Max capsule lenght: 80mm

- Max capsule diameter: 40mm

- Capsule storage capacity: 1800pcs

- Capacity for PVC: 3000-10.000 PCS/H

- For roll: 3000-6500 bottle/h

The machine can work in different combinations such as thermal working plus roller or sparkling working on a single turret without the need to replace parts of the heads.


Own weight: 1800kg

Electric connection: 400V

* There are 2 units of this machine

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