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Cap elevator

Ref: 902

Brand: SIDEL


High speed storage, lifting, orientation and feeding of the capper
Optimal reliability
Cleanliness and protected integrity of the caps.

The cap feeder is ergonomic and flexible, and offers operational autonomy.

the possibility of placing closures of similar design on the same strap without the need for adjustment or with a slight and quick adjustment of the speed regulator. It has two pre-feeding solutions: box tipper and drop-by-drop feeder. A high capacity hopper is available and in the hopper and ejector, it incorporates a low level and block detection system.

At the ergonomic level, the machine requires little space and the replenishment of caps is carried out at ground level and at chest height, guaranteeing operator safety.



Plastic and metal caps, flat and sports caps.
Production: 120.000 flat caps per hour, 54.000 sports caps per hour.
Standard autonomy of the hopper 20.000 caps, 10.000 sports caps.
Automatic adjustment of the top cover.

Height: 4.10 meters

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