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Filling monoblock with double plugging

Ref: 922

Brand: GAI
Model: 3012
Dimensions:3645 x 1200

Automatic machine for filling, capping and encapsulation in line of bottles of different sizes. The machine is formed by a bottling station with 16 taps, and a cap station for a cork cork stopper, and another cap station for an obturator stopper made of plastics and aluminum, with an inert gas injection system before closing and also a column gas for carbon dioxide for sparkling wines. The production of the monoblock is 3.000 bottles per hour with electric regulation by control panel, input from left to right.

Measurements and technical data

Length 3645mm

Width 1200 mm

Weight 1900 kg

Motorization 2.2kW

Pressure pump 0.40kW

Total power 2.6kW

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