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Bottle Rinsers

FIMER rinser

Ref: 877

Brand: FIMER
Model: SA12
Speed: 2.500 b/h
Year: 2003
Condition: VERY GOOD

The rinsing machine is used for internal washing of new bottles. Its function is to eliminate possible foreign bodies and dust that may have been introduced into the bottles.

The fimer rinser is a technically advanced machine: the bottle is tipped by means of a variable profile cam, each spray station has a detection system that interrupts the jet when the bottle is not presented, all the conduits that transport the bottle Rinse product to the various spray stations are stainless steel, the standard version of the machine includes an air blower to eliminate the drop that remains in the neck during the overturning of the bottle.

The stainless steel clamps have rubber buffers that can be easily changed in case of collars characterized by different profiles.

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