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Ref: 780

Year: 2010

Machine for still soft drinks, wines and licours...

Suitable to put several formats of caps, such as aluminium pilfer, screw cap,guala, in different types and more than 10 formats for differents bottles.

40 rinser valves

50 filling valves

10 capper valves 

Unidad cabinada con sistema de aire estéril. 

Closed machine with sterile-air

The dependable vacuum filling system

Filling without losing a precious drop

A simple way to fill wine, liqueurs or spirits is to use the filler Isofill. The mechanically controlled filling system uses the principle of gravity the product to be filled simply flows from the ring bowl into the bottle because of the difference in the height. The design for of the filling system is adapted to the properties of the particular product. Thus for example, the cross-sections of the filling valve are accordingly modified for optimum flow behaviour of thin or thick-bodied beverages. Not only this, the fill level is reached exactly by vacuum.

Figures, data, facts

The ring bowl is filled with the product using the bottom filling process. The level of liquid is controlled here by means of probes. The filling process starts when the lift cylinder presses the bottle against the centring bell and the filling valve. The bottle thus raises the filling valve against the force of the external pressure spring to thereby open the feed from the ring container. The return air displaced from the bottle escapes through the vent tube into the ring container. Air from the bottle can no longer escape into the ring bowl once the level of liquid has reached.

Figures, data, facts minimum maximum

Only a pressed-on bottle is eva- cuated (“no bottle no vacuum”) Gentle feed of medium from the Output range 60,000 bottles per hour Output range 4,000 bottles per hour The Isofill series offers a wide range of sizes, output and container sizes for processing. Furthermore, customised versions can be realised as well. bottom by means of rotary media manifold and pipe joints Manifold as well as all parts coming into contact with the product or gas are made of stainless steel tool steel.

System variants - the variant for spirits Clear, low-viscosity and sugar-free spirits can be filled using this variant in a way which is gentle on the product.

- the variant for wine and for liqueurs With this variant the product to be filled does not flow into the bottle by way of the centring bell and neck finish but rather through a filling tube.

CIP - the variant for wine and for liqueurs (CIP-able) With this variant the product to be filled does not flow into the bottle by way of the centring bell and neck finish but rather through a filling tube. The system also has a closed CIP.

Touch-screen operation olour touch-screen C Safe access to the user interface from separate transponders User-friendly menu guidance through the operating programme Task-orientated operating concept Easy-to-follow display of the current production data Filling steps can be set and saved individually for each product Malfunction display in plain text and graphic display Text displayed in the selected language Interface to higher-level systems like LDS (Line Data Storage System) or LMS (Line Management System) Remote maintenance possible Change-over Change-over to a different fill level by changing.

Additional equipment

■ Fully automatic valve manifolds

■ Parts in contact with the product are made of tool steel AISI 316

■ All parts coming into contact with

■ Manifolds with seals which can be rinsed from all sides or do not

■ Lift cylinder of oil-free design

■ Two-step automatic adjustment of the vent tube for changes in the fill level Fully automated valve manifold

System expansions

■ Clean room housing with HEPA

■ Cappers from other manufacturers Clean room housing

Your benefits

■ Exact fill level Because of the vacuum correction the system reaches the defined fill level with high accuracy.

■ High product quality The high-grade products to be filled are handled gently because the suction volume flow from the vacuum is only minimal.

■ Flexibility Any change-over to other products or filling temperature is quick, straightforward and reproducible.

■ Short change-over times Raptec quick-change handling parts, quick exchange of the vent tube and easy selection of the filling programme make extremely short change-over times possible.

■ Easy maintenance Access...

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