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Blow molders

PET bottle blower

Ref: 904

Brand: SIPA
Model: SF L 6/6
Speed: 9.000 B/H
Format: from 0,33ml to 8l
Year: 2010
Condition: Semi new

High productivity
All-electric machine
Great standardization
Great versatility
Extremely fast installation and start-up times
Easy-to-use technology with complete process control.

Machine with only 5 months of use, semi-new automatic, electronic servo with last generation engines. The current format of the blow system is for 3 liter bottles being compatible for 5 and 8 liters. The machine has a great flexibility in the production of a wide range of bottles from 0.33 ml to 8 l.

Measurements :

Internal diameter 33 mm

External diameter 38.25 mm

Height 15 mm

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